March 2, 2017
Lely Announces New Developments in Feed and Barn Division

Dan Schreiner, former Lely Vector Product Manager, has accepted additional...

January 2, 2017
Lely Recognizes Two More Scholarship Winners

Tamara Hamilton and Vicki Brisson received the the 2016 Future of Dairy Scholarship...

December 30, 2016
2016 Scholarship Winners Highlighted

Congratulations to Rachel Boonstoppel and Ruth Dedman!

December 27, 2016
Lely Awards 2016 Future of Dairy Scholarship to Dennis Catt

Dennis Catt is studying agriculture and business at the University of Guelph. He's worked...

October 11, 2016
Lely Named Most Innovative Company by Des Moines Area Community College

Lely was recognized for being a cutting-edge company and developing a unique approach,...

September 30, 2016
Lely Honors Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Sara Roerick and Chelsea Schossow on receiving the Lely scholarship.

September 28, 2016
Lely Highlights Two More U.S. Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Mariah Schmitt and Travis Koester on receiving the Lely North America...

September 19, 2016
Emily Ooms awarded Lely scholarship

Ooms is majoring in animal science at Cornell University and has worked on her family’s...

August 26, 2016
Lely North America Awards Scholarships

Congratulations to Travis Koester, Emily Ooms, Sara Roerick, Mariah Schmitt and Chelsea...

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