May 7, 2019
Why Homestead Dairy Chose Robots over Rotary Parlor

Choosing robots allowed the Houins to convert their barn in phases. “Going with...

October 9, 2014
Lancaster Farming: Peach Bottom Cows Fed by First U.S. Vector Robot

A Lely robot adapts to circumstances, eliminating feed waste, whereas the same ration...

June 23, 2014
Malenka Farm | Lely Startup & Preparation

Meet Bruno Ross and Tasie Fortin from Malenka Farm.

June 16, 2014
Jo-Lane Dairy | A bright future with robotic milking

Since the installation of two Lely A4 robots, Jo-Lane Dairy in Monona, Iowa, has been...

June 2, 2014
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Features Lane Creek Dairy Farm

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel visited with Jeff and Jo Berg at Lane Creek Dairy Farm in...

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