The people have spoken — Lely T4C InHerd Wins 2014 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards People’s Choice Award

The people have spoken. The Lely T4C InHerd Management System won the People’s Choice Award of Dairy Herd Management’s Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards. The awards reception was held last night during World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis.


From left, Dave Natzke, editor of Dairy Herd Management stands with Lely’s Customer Sales Support Manager Bellana Putz and Farm Management Support Manager Ben Smink.

Thanks to everyone who went online and voted for their choice for the best innovation. The Lely T4C InHerd mobile management system takes herd management and “lean” working to a new level. This system, equipped with 10 downloadable apps, alerts farmers when a cow needs attention, so the farmer can take action right then and there, next to the cow. See more on the Lely T4C InHerd System.


Lely’s Customer Sales Support Manager Bellana Putz holds the Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards — Peoples Choice award.

Lucas Sjostrom, Dairy Herd Management, writes about the Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards :

These new products may provide a hint of where we are going, and also a look into the areas where dairy producers want further exploration. Whether its milk, manure, heat, fever, money or mycotoxins, these products represent a broad range of innovation, and a sign our suppliers will continue to innovate to make dairy farm life and management better. Read more.


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Visit Lely at World Dairy Expo 2014

Lely_Vector_35Lely is gearing up for another great World Dairy Expo!

We hope to see you in the Arena Building where we’ll be providing producers with more sustainable, enjoyable, profitable futures in dairy, including the Lely Vector automatic feeding system, Astronaut robotic milking system, Juno automatic feed pusher and more.

In addition, Lely is proud to be a sponsor of the World Dairy Expo Virtual Farm Tour. This year’s tour will spotlight Lely “family members” of Lepples’ Ridge-View Farm, Inc. of Beaver Dam, Wis. You can catch up with the Lepples on Thursday, October 2 at 2 p.m. in the Mendota 1 meeting room in the Exhibition Hall.

Join us!

Stay tuned for more! You can also keep up-to-date on Lely’s World Dairy Expo news on Facebook and Twitter!Lely_Astronaut_A4_10

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Plan to See World Dairy Expo’s Virtual Farm Tour Featuring Lepples’ Ridge-View Farm, Inc.

World Dairy Expo gets underway next week and Lely is proud to be a sponsor of the World Dairy Expo Virtual Farm Tour! This year’s tour will spotlight Lely “family members” of Lepples’ Ridge-View Farm, Inc. of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

Lepple Open Barn 4 4 2012As Joel and Jean Lepple brought their sons, Craig and Brent, into the family dairy business, they knew their milking equipment was either due for replacement or upgrading. During this time, the family decided to transition to robotics by installing two Lely Astronaut robotic milking machines. Cows are fed a partially mixed ration (PMR) when they enter the robots; which ensures that cows adjust. With the addition of the robots came the necessity to build a freestall barn, which features an elevated ceiling as well as waterbeds for increased cow comfort.

The Lepple family has learned a lot in the past three years, including the importance of teat placement. Currently, 130 cows are milked an average of 3.1 times per day averaging 85 pounds of milk per cow per day. With robots taking care of the daily milking, this allows the Lepples’ to better manage their dairy through automatic monitoring of milk quality and cow activity. It has also brought freedom and flexibility to the family.

You can catch up with the Lepples on Thursday, October 2 at 2 p.m. in the Mendota 1 meeting room in the Exhibition Hall at World Dairy Expo. The presentations will be available for viewing on World Dairy Expo’s website after the show

See you next week!

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Burkhalter Family Organic Dairy Using Lely Astronaut A4 Milking System

Sept2588516259The Burkhalter Family Organic Dairy in Rosburg, Wash., was featured this week by Nick Nikkila of the Chinook Observer. The Bukhalters are using Lely Astronaut A4 automatic milking systems. Read an excerpt below and read more by clicking here.

Robots take on milking job at Burkhalter dairy

Observer correspondent

A visit to the Burkhalter’s Organic Valley dairy farm in Rosburg is an eye-opening and jaw-dropping experience. Employing a robotic system developed by the Dutch agricultural equipment development company Lely International, the Burkhalters’ dairy cattle are fed, their udders and teats sanitized and milked without any required human contact. This is a far cry from the historical image — sitting on a three-legged wooden stool and employing the manual squeeze-pull method to squirt milk into a bucket and, occasionally, the barn cat’s mouth.

 Read more.

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Wordless Wednesday – Lely Astronaut A4 Installation Class

This photo was taken at a Lely Astronaut A4 Installation class in Woodstock, Ontario last week that was led by Lely’s TSSNA team (Technical Services Support of North America). Participating Lely Centers included: Finger Lakes Dairy Services, LBJ Farm Equipment, Beaudry Morin and Avonbank.




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Lely Juno Benefits

Lely Juno Feed PusherThe Lely Juno feed pusher moves along the feeding alley automatically, thereby following the feed fence. When in operation, the machine pushes the feed towards the feed fence without disturbing the cows. Since the Lely Juno is a stand-alone machine, barn modifications are seldom required, and it can be used in almost any type of barn.

Watch the Lely Juno in action here.

Lely Juno benefits include:
• 24-hour operation
• Increased feed intake
• More frequent use of the milking robot
• Improved animal well-being
• Uniform, quality forage available day and night
• A quiet herd
• Labor-savings and flexibility

If you have a Lely Juno, tell us what you love most about it?

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More and More Cows Are Giving Milk (To Robots)

Nate Tullar, of Orford, New Hampshire, was recently in a feature by Charlotte Albright of Vermont Public Radio about his dairy farm’s conversion to using Lely robotic milking systems.

Read an excerpt of this report.

The technology is cutting down on labor costs, increasing yield and teaching farmers more about the health and productivity of their herds.

vpr-Nate_Tullar-milking_robot-albirhgt-20140904_0Just ask Nate Tullar, of Orford, New Hampshire. Cows have been giving milk at his family’s farm, Tullando, since 1956. That’s when his grandparents started the dairy business, and they have often been open to innovation over the years. There are now about 450 Holsteins to milk several times a day, plus a lot of calves to move from outdoor nursery pens into stalls.

That’s pretty labor-intensive. So about two months ago the Tullar family bought four robotic milkers and moved them into the new red barn. Interior fences guide cows to platforms beside the robots—they look like red refrigerators—in the center of the building, as Nate Tullar looks on.

In a robotic parlor, the cows, not the farmer, decide when they need to be milked.

Read and hear more by clicking here.

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Why Should You Consider Lely’s Calm Automatic Calf Feeder?

The best start for your calves includes a Lely Calm Automatic Calf Feeder.

When a calf drinks from its mother, it usually drinks adequate portions spread over the day. In today’s dairy industry, however, when a calf is fed manually, it’s restricted to once or twice a day. That’s why Lely introduced the Calm automatic calf feeder. It supplies the correct portion and concentration of feed throughout the day, resembling the natural behavior of the calf.

The Calm not only offers calves an outstanding start, it also provides labor savings and many economic benefits. The accurate and small portions spread throughout the day substantially enhances the development of the digestive organs of the calf, paying for itself by means of healthier calves, increased growth, increased feed efficiency and labor savings.

Lely CalmHow Does it Work?

As soon as a calf enters a milk station, it’s recognized by its electronic transponder and, according to the calf’s feeding plan, the Lely Calm calf feeder decides if it’s allowed to drink, and how much. Once a minimum and maximum portion of milk per visit is set for each calf, the calf feeder will automatically determine the ration per calf. If the calf is allowed to drink, the calf feeder immediately prepares a fresh portion of milk at the predetermined temperature.  Watch this video to see the Lely Calm in action.

Learn More

Our team is always happy to talk with you about Lely’s Calm automatic calf feeder, so let us know if you’d like to learn more by commenting below or sending an email to

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Vote for Lely T4C InHerd in Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards 2014

Vote for the Lely T4C (Time for Cows) InHerd mobile management system to win one of Dairy Herd Management Innovation Awards 2014. To vote, please click on the Lely T4C InHerd image at this link.

If selected as a winner, Lely and InHerd will be given special recognition at the World Dairy Expo.

14_Lely T4C InHerdDarrenSandersPostSept22014The Lely T4C modern management system is a mobile platform with herd management tools that can be downloaded to Apple and Android devices. T4C InHerd enables farmers to check where their attention is most needed. The tools help farmers to act accurately and timely.

Vote now at this link. Thank you!


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Wordless Wednesday – Lely North America…Giving Back to the Community!

Lely North America employees recently held a food drive for the Pella Food Shelf. They exceeded their goal of items collected by 28 percent.

Lely Employees Food Share - 2014Sept.17

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