Calm-On and Win!


Want to win a labor-savings package? A lucky winner in the US and Canada will each win:
• (1) Lely Calm automatic calf feeder
• (10) Lely calf jackets
• A 30-day supply of Lely milk replacer



Sign up to win at your local Lely Center event or online at:
Learn more about the Lely Calm automatic calf feeder at


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Penn State Extension Precision Dairy Technology Forum Set for October: Precision Feeding

Lely Vector

Register now for the Precision Dairy Technology Forum: Precision Feeding, conducted by Penn State Extension. This program educates producers, herd managers, farm employees and industry representatives on current precision dairy technologies. Participants will learn how to implement technologies on-farm and the benefits and challenges of their adoption.

When: October 14, 2015, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Where: 222 Little Britain Church Road, Peach Bottom, PA 17563

The precision dairy technology forum will teach participants about the benefits of precision feeding on dairy farms. Dairy producers will discuss their experience with two types of precision feeding technology:
  • A robotic TMR mixer feeding system
  • Tractor mounted NIR analyzer that automatically reformulates the dairy ration on the fly as it is being mixed.

After the program, participants will have examples of technologies that can potentially improve feed management on their dairy farms and have the knowledge to evaluate how these or similar systems can fit into their management system.


  • Benefits of precision feeding – Virginia Ishler, Penn State
  • Farm tour – Galen Nolt, farm owner who operates a Lely Vector automatic feeding system
  • Industry presentations on technology – David Pyle, David Wert and Mat Haan

Register online or call 888-373-7232 (toll free). Click here for more information.

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Meet Thane Silliker, Lely TSS Product Specialist – Feed & Barn

Lely Technical Service Support (TSS) and Farm Management Support (FMS) personnel located throughout the United States and Canada, are experts in equipment, feed nutrition, veterinary medicine and more. TSS representatives are Lely’s boots on the ground and the first line of support for installation, troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance on all things Lely.

ThaneLely gives Thane Silliker that rare opportunity to be a technician while also getting hands-on customer contact at the ground level.

“The thing I most enjoy about Lely is the focus on technology and improvement,” Silliker says. “The tinker and technician in me is challenged to learn, understand and share.”

He ensures Lely dealers have the technical know-how to spec out and sell a Lely Vector automatic feeding system and that technicians are prepared to service what they sell.

“I ensure that dealers have the knowledge to install and maintain products in the feeding and barn products category.

Specifically, I direct the technical details of rollouts of the Lely Vector automatic feed systems,” he says.

Feedback from Silliker is then shared with Lely at the highest levels. “I contribute to the smooth operation of the system worldwide by communicating our experiences back to the company in order to bring about improvements in the product,” he says.

In his two years with Lely, he has rarely faced a “typical week” because of the wide variety of activities he’s involved with.

“Some days I’m in the field. Other days I’m teaching. Then there are days I’m conducting tests and creating training documents to share with colleagues or the company,” Silliker says. “It’s nice to be appreciated and supported by an organization that values employees, one that’s interested in their well-being and development. Lely is more than a profit generating enterprise. It’s a family-oriented atmosphere that cares about people and the environment. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of building something.”


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WordlessWednesday – Field day at Kiefland Holsteins


Our Wordless Wednesday photo is courtesy of the University of Minnesota Dairy Extension Field Day at Kiefland Holsteins in Utica, MN.  They have 300 cows, five Lely robots, great cow comfort and performance and are a wonderful family, says the U of M Dairy Extension.

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Lely’s Summer Interns Recap and Reflect on their Experience – Team Lely

As the summer draws to a close and school is about ready to resume for our three summer interns they have taken the time to reflect on their time with Lely. They offer tips to future interns and discuss reflections on what they have learned during their time with Lely.

July8EJ SchroderE.J. Schroeder – E.J. was the accounting intern for the summer. He grew up in the city and never gave much thought to the dairy or agricultural industries. This experience was completely new to him and he found every day to be interesting. He says the most intriguing thing about the industry is the evolution and innovation of the dairy world. E.J. is amazed that the dairy industry started with hand milking and has grown to a fully automated milking and feeding system. His advice to future Lely interns is to remember that Lely is a friendly and enjoyable place to work; everyone treats you as if you have been there for years. “You will learn something new every day and will have the opportunity to help many different departments instead of being boxed into one department,” says E.J. “This allows interns to gain a well-rounded business insight and test the waters in different areas, which also pushes you to get out of you comfort zone and apply yourself.” E.J.’s experience at Lely has really solidified his desire to be an accountant. One of the reasons he accepted the internship was to experience the accounting world and determine if that was really where he wanted to do with his life. He has also noticed that he now pays attention to dairy farms when he drives down the road and finds himself wondering how they are managing their dairy operation. E.J. has also learned about the Lely product line and how robots increase customer’s quality of life.

July8Xavier DrakeXavier Drake – Xavier worked with the marketing department for the summer. Xavier grew up on a farm in North-Central Iowa and dealt with crops and hogs. The dairy industry was new to him and he says that he learned something every day. What he enjoys most about the dairy industry after being involved with it is the love and care the farmers have for animals. Dairy producers understand increasing cow comfort increases milk production and quality. Xavier says that anyone involved in the Ag industry helps put food on people’s plates and he takes great pride in that. His recommendation to future interns is to come in with an open mind ready to learn. “In this particular work place you will have the opportunity to be involved with many different projects that will have you working with people from many different departments,” says Xavier, “This internship is fast-paced and can really be what you decide to make of it and the availability of knowledge you have access to within the organization is infinite and you can either choose to take advantage of it or not.” Xavier says this experience has taught him the importance of organizational skills. He balanced many different projects at once and learned that if you don’t have an organizational process in place things can fall through the cracks. The internship also helped him to further develop his communication skills amongst many different types of people including customers and co-workers.  Xavier learned about Lely products for the first time during his time with the company. He says that the greatest impact their products have on their customers is improving their quality of life.

July8Stephanie HeindlStephanie Heindl – Stephanie served as a Farm Management Support intern for the summer. She says agriculture is a way of life and our society’s wisest pursuit. Stephanie says that in the end, agriculture contributes most to increasing real/sustainable wealth, a good moral structure and true happiness. Stephanie speaks highly of Lely saying that it is a great company. She tells future interns that the work environment is very friendly and coworkers make you feel at home when you are around them. Lely knows quality when they see it when it comes to their products and staff. Each department collaborates with one another making this organization feel like it truly is one team, which is something that doesn’t happen everywhere. Stephanie says this experience has helped her to build her overall business knowledge and become a better people person. She gained a greater understanding of herself and others by communicating with a diverse group of personalities and industry professionals. The experience helped her to understand which career path she would like to take within the dairy industry. Stephanie interacted with many Lely customers during her internship and saw firsthand how the Lely products impact their owners. She says these quality products give owners the confidence to reinvest in Lely to better their farms.

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Enjoy Great Dairy Foods at State Fairs

stateFairAug14It’s state fair season and that means family, fun and food. Don’t forget to enjoy agriculture and ag products like great dairy foods at state fairs. From homemade ice cream to milkshakes, to milking cows or seeing a butter cow, fair-goers can enjoy a variety of dairy foods, events and activities.

Dairy producers often use state fairs to reach consumers and educate the public about how farmers take great care of their cows. Farmers work hard to provide quality food for consumers. They take pride in providing educational materials, dairy recipes and information to fairgoers. Stop by the state dairy association booth, display or visit the dairy barn at your state fair. The Midwest Dairy Association offers a complete list of state fairs and links to their websites. Use this link. Enjoy your local state fair and enjoy great dairy food!

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Hoof Care Tips for Robotic Systems 


Karl Burgi, Sure Step Int., LLC, is originally from Switzerland. He is a dairy hoof health consultant, instructor and hoof trimmer who travels the world working with dairy producers and hoof care providers to develop treatment and lameness prevention strategies.

He recommends that producers be assessing for lameness and looking for digital dermatitis in breeding age heifers. If you don’t, the risk of lameness rises exponentially.

“When digital dermatitis does not occur in heifers, the occurrence in the milking herd will be minimal with good management,” says Burgi.

Digital dermatitis accounts for about half of all lameness costs. The key to preventing it is early detection and treatment. So Burgi recommends checking heifers as they enter the breeding pen at 10 to 12 months of age.

Watch this video from the Lely Farm Management Support conference this spring where Burgi talks about hoof care and robotic milking.  Use this link for more information.

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#WordlessWednesday – Benefits of the Lely Astronaut robot arm

Ten benefits of the Lely Astronaut robot arm include:

  1. Cow frienFeb17 _laser_under_cow-683x1024dly design
  2. Teat cups safely parked in the arm.
  3. More effective cleaning and stimulating.
  4. Fastest teat detection
  5. Tailor-made milking through dynamic pulsation.
  6. Relaxed milking due to fewer arm movements.
  7. Accurate milk quality to measurements close to the action
  8. Never a cup on the floor.
  9. Energy savings through fewer movements.
  10. Robust construction and durable materials
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Lely Tips — Find, Produce and Harvest More Milk

Lely Tips — Find, Produce and Harvest More MilkBarnview3_touchup

  • A cow standing-around waiting is an unproductive cow: Lely’s free cow traffic concept allows cows to eat, drink, rest and be milked throughout the day on their schedule.  
  • To keep high-producing cows’ rumen healthy offer plenty of fresh water, palatable feed all day long, plenty of fiber in the feed and accessibility for all cows to eat at the same time throughout the day.

DSC_0221When you partner with Lely we provide tips like these and more from Lely’s team of robot advisers who are experts in the areas of feed nutrition, veterinary medicine and more. Contact a Lely Center today. Follow the Lely FMS North America team on Twitter @LELYFMSNA  



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Lely Journey This Week


This week Lely North America is hosting another Lely Journey where we bring dairy owners from across North America to visit Midwest dairy operations using Lely products. They have the opportunity to see the barns and equipment firsthand and ask questions of the Lely dairy producers. Follow along this week as we post pictures from our visits to these Lely farms. See more pictures at the Lely North America web site and on Twitter @DairyRobot. If you have an interest in participating in a future Lely Journey, please contact your local Lely Center for more information or email us at



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