Darryl De Groot, owner and operator of De Groot Longview Acres in Thedford, Ontario, Canada was the winner of the Lely North America “Calm-on and Win” promotion. He and members of his family were presented with the prize at the London Dairy Congress by Avonbank Ag Solutions.

Darryl De Groot, owner and operator of De Groot Longview Acres in Thedford, Ontario, Canada, was selected as the winner of the Lely North America “Calm-on and Win” promotion and was presented with the prize during the London Dairy Congress this week. De Groot and his family received a Lely Calm automatic calf feeding system, 10 calf jackets and a 30-day supply of Caltive milk replacer. The promotion, awarded by Tony Brazda and Rich Peters of Lely North America, and Jerry Martens and Mike Hargrave of Avonbank Ag Solutions, is a way for Lely North America to give back to the dairy industry by improving a dairy farmer’s lifestyle while reducing their workload.

About the Lely Calm automatic calf feeding system

The Lely Calm optimizes the growth and development of calves by allowing them to drink whenever they want, rather than manual calf feeding, which restricts calves to 1-2 feedings a day. When a calf enters the station, it is recognized by its transponder and the Calm determines if the calf is allowed to drink and how much it may drink per visit. The automation process provides a labor savings of 60 percent-70 percent and generally pays for itself after three years of use. The Calm cleans itself automatically and introduces robot milking to cows at a young age, allowing them to interact with automated systems.

About Caltive milk replacer

Designed specifically for the Lely Calm feeding stations, Caltive milk replacer ensures optimal growth and development for healthy calves. Caltive powder provides optimal nutrition with a combination of quality proteins, easily digestible fats and oils, and a blend of vitamins and minerals in the same amount of solids that calves receive through their mothers.

Learn more about Lely Calm.

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Lely, the industry-leader in robotic milking systems, has a new addition to its North American Dealer Center network. Canyon Robotics Dairy Equipment and Supply located at 16048 N. 20th St., Nampa, ID provides Lely robotic milking and feeding systems and supplies.

MULDER_MIKE_3_Blog Feb2Mike Mulder, owner, started Canyon Robotics in order to provide the most advanced dairy robotic system available to producers.

“We are committed to help dairy producers enrich their professional and family lives through innovative, robotic automation,” Mulder says.  “Uninterrupted robotic milking, backed by industry-leading 24-hour support, means the milking operation runs at peak efficiency with a minimum of manual labor.”

The Lely Astronaut robotic milking system is designed to improve animal health and well-being. For instance, the cow has the easiest entrance into the robot and is not forced into a certain position in the cow box. Teat treatment and attachment of the teat cups are done very hygienically to improve udder health.

Mulder is a former Technical Support Specialist for Lely North America. He joined Lely in 2014, and is inspired daily by the challenge in his career to implement new technology in the dairy industry.

“This innovative technology promotes consistency and performance in the dairy,” he says.

Throughout his career, Mulder has managed all facets of a dairy equipment dealership including the service department, maintenance department, and chemical department. He has a vast knowledge of different types of dairy equipment on the farm, from bucket milkers to robotics. 

Jan28CANYON-ROBOTICS-DAIRY-EQUIPMENT-AND-SUPPLY_Logo_FCanyon Robotics will have trained robotic technicians on staff and will provide scheduled maintenance, 24-hour phone, and 24-hour emergency service support. Canyon Robotics will offer Lely equipment and will stock a full line of Lely Robotic chemicals, parts and supplies to ensure the best performance from the robots.

“I’m excited about the future of dairy farming in Idaho,” Mulder says. 

To reach Mike Mulder, call 208-316-8870.

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Priority Robotics of Tillamook Introduced as New Lely Center


From left to right -Kurt Mizee, President; Ethan Lott, Manager and Rob Bruce, Robot Technician.

Lely has a new addition to its North American Center network. Priority Robotics of Tillamook Equipment Service & Supply is located at 2 Stillwell Ave., Tillamook, Oregon and provides knowledgeable guidance during that next step in dairy automation.


Kurt Mizee, a fourth-generation dairyman, started Priority Robotics in 2011 with the goal of becoming the first commercial robotic milking dairy in the western United States. Together with Lely North America, Mizee offers reliability, consistency and efficiency in an industry where skilled labor is becoming less available and more expensive.

“As a dairyman, I understand this is a pivotal time in the dairy industry where skilled labor has become less available and more expensive,” Mizee said. “We know the importance of having quality equipment and the need to have technicians who are prompt, accurate and thorough when you need them.”

Jan28Priority-Robotics_Logo_FHis company is farmer-focused and specializes in robotics with technicians who recognize the nuances specific to robotics in the dairy business.

“They are trained not only to make your equipment function at its best but also in farm management support to improve your bottom line,” Mizee said. “A great dealer plays a critical role in the success of an automated dairy. Having extended down time due to unnecessary errors and return visits is not an option.”

To reach Kurt Mizee with Priority Robotics of Tillamook, call 503-354-LELY (5359) or follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/priorityrobotic.

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Lely Names Preston Vincent Dairy XL Development Manager

PrestonImageIMG_04722Lely is proud to welcome Preston Vincent to its North American team. Preston serves as the Lely Dairy XL Development Manager and is responsible for working with large dairy operations in sales and support.

Preston has a strong background in the dairy industry and nearly 15 years of experience. Prior to working for Lely, Preston served as a Sales Team Leader for Alta Genetics Inc. which is a global leader in dairy genetics.

“In this position, my goals are to proactively discuss, with every growing and expanding dairy, the benefits of Lely Astronauts within their business models,” Preston says. “As dairies look to expand and grow at a large scale, robotic milking needs to be discussed and considered as their best option for their future growth.”

Solving problems with availability of labor and benefits from individual cow management are just two reasons why large dairy farms are becoming more aware that the Lely Astronaut robotic milking system ensures the best return on investment.

“I look forward to building long lasting relationships with dairy owners, operators and farm managers and helping them to capitalize on the Lely robotic technology for their businesses,” Preston says.

Preston holds a B.S. degree in agricultural business with a dairy science minor from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Contact Preston Vincent, Dairy XL Development Manager on this cell phone at 920-390-9480 or email him at PVincent@LelyNA.com.

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Lely T4C helps evaluate udder health and milk quality

SmallerMCBURNEY_SARA_1by Dr. Sara McBurney, a Senior Farm Management Support Consultant/Veterinarian for Lely. McBurney provides support to dealers, consultants and farmers for Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces, as well as the eastern U.S. from Vermont to Virginia.


Keeping your herd healthy is key to producing high quality milk and keeping your dairy profitable.

With the Lely T4C software, udder health information is available on a daily basis. Two reports, Report 12-Udder Health Work List and Report 23-Udder Health Analyze, help provide decision making and prioritizing in cow management.

Report 12: Udder Health Work Report Cows with a new attention will show up on Report 12 and therefore really need to be checked by the farmer. A new attention is any unique attention which the cow did not have in the last 24 hours. When there is afterwards a successful milking without any attention she disappears immediately from report 12. A cow will move to Report 23 if the attention remains for more than 24 hours.

Report 23: Udder Health Analysis Report This report includes all cows with an attention, checking these cows is recommended. When there is a successful milking without any attention she disappears again from report 23.

In addition to these reports, farmers should check the general condition of the cow. Have there been changes in appetite, production and attitude of the cow?

Attention flow :

How the attention flow of Report 12 is structured can been seen in figure 1.








Follow the Lely North America FMS group on Twitter at @LelyFMSNA.

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Did JUNO? You can win!

LELY_0080_2016_Did_Juno_Blog_GraphicWe’re giving away two Lely Juno 100 feed pushers – one in the United States and one in Canada! Sign up to win at your local Lely Center event or online at www.lelyna.com/didjuno

24/7 availability of fresh feed with less labor

DSC_0221It’s well known that continuous availability of fresh feed results in increased dry matter intake and increased milk production. The Juno moves along the feeding alley automatically, following the feed bunk. The machine pushes the feed toward the feed bunk without disturbing the cows. Since the Juno is a stand-alone machine, barn modifications are seldom required; it can be used in almost any type of barn.

In a Lely research study, 100 Juno customers were polled to ask if they considered the Juno to be a farm luxury or a necessary part of their operation.

Results found:

  • The Juno saved an average of 25 minutes of labor per day, 152 hours annually.
  • Pushing feed via tractor or skid loader expended 22.8 times more energy per year than the Juno which pushed feed three or four times more per day.
  • Labor savings resulted in more than $2,400 (USD) annually.
  • Average milk production increases occurred.
  • Payback time averaged three to four years for producers experiencing labor and fuel savings.
  • Payback time averaged one to two years for producers experiencing labor and fuel savings and production increases.

Sign up to win Lely Juno 100 www.lelyna.com/didjuno



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Top 10 Lely activities celebrated in 2015


Before we turn the calendar to a new year of activities, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the positives of 2015. Thank you for making this a year to remember!

Top 10 Lely activities celebrated in 2015.

PellaPlant1. Lely’s North American production facility experienced ANOTHER record-setting year of robot production. All U.S. and Canadian robots are built in and shipped from Pella, IA.




2. Lely North America gave away two Lely Juno feed pushers and two Lely Calm packages. Winners of a Lely Juno were: Peter Sturkenboom of Westlock, Alberta Canada and Delvin Halteman of Quarryville, PA USA. Winners of the Lely Calm packages were De Groot Longview Acres of Thedford, ON and Hawk High Dairy of Norwalk, WI.


3. Lely celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Lely Discovery mobile barn cleaner. With 9,000 systems working daily in barns worldwide the Lely Discovery is the most chosen mobile barn cleaner on the market for slatted floors. Together these robots have travelled a distance equal to 37 times around the world.


4. Lely North America expanded its local Lely Center network with new centers in Wisconsin, Kansas, Idaho and Oregon.

5. Lely North America launched a new website (www.lelyna.com), the first site specific to North America, which contains in-depth information on Lely products as well as testimonial videos from customers.Number6

6. More than 90 participants across North America visit numerous Midwest Lely robot farms and Pella headquarters for the Lely Journey Tour



7. North America held the inaugural Lely Farm Management Services (FMS) Conference. The FMS team includes trained Senior Robot Advisors and experts in areas of feed nutrition, veterinary medicine and more.




Number88. The Van Leeuwen Dairy Group in Canterbury, New Zealand, who successfully introduced large scale robotic dairying to New Zealand in 2009 with 16 Lely Astronaut A3 robots, purchased 24 Lely Astronaut A4 milking robots in 2015.



9. For the first time, live feeding demonstrations were conducted with a Lely Vector automatic feeding system at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in September. 


10. The first Lely robot is now 20 years old and is still operating in Flanders, Belgium. Luc Van den Bulck Herenthout was one of the first to purchase a robot in 1995.


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The Year at Lely

HUYSER_CHAD_1Listen to Chad Huyser talk about the growth of Lely North America and the evolution of robotic milking in the dairy industry. Dr. Bob Leonard with KNIA/KRLS Radio from Knoxville/Pella, Iowa goes “In Depth” with Chad Huyser as they discuss the progress Lely, the robotic milking machine manufacturer, has made since it came to Pella, and what’s in the future. Listen to the full interview here.  




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Holiday Wishes from Lely

Lely employees at the North American headquarters in Pella, IA send wishes of fun and fellowship to you and your family this holiday season!



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Lely gives early Christmas presents!

We’re excited to announce the winners of the Lely North America Calm-On promotion.  Each of the below producers in the USA and Canada have won:

  • (1) Lely Calm automatic calf feeder
  • (10) Lely calf jackets
  • A 30-day supply of Lely milk replacer

Congratulations to De Groot Longview Acres of Thedford, ON and Hawk High Dairy of Norwalk, WI.

We want to thank everyone who entered into the contest and encourage you to follow us on Facebook where we will launch a new contest January 2016.

Canada Calm-On winner:

USA Calm-On winner:

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