Wordless Wednesday | Bergsma Family Custom Barn

On this Wordless Wednesday, we want to share some photos of an amazing Christmas gift that Cor and Attie Bergsma from Embro, Ontario made for their eight-year-old son, Hedzer Bergsma.
Hedzer saw a barn in a magazine that he really wanted. Cor and Attie discovered it was sold out when they went to the store, and just two weeks before Christmas. So, they decided there was only one thing left to do, build Hedzer a custom Lely Barn!

The couple spent more than 35 hours working on the 59 stall robot barn. The outside dimensions of the barn measures approximately 2’ by 4’. They built it to 1:32 scale, so it could accommodate the use of most farm toys. It also has a remote control tractor that fits inside the barn.

We want to thank the Bergsma Family and Lely Center Woodstock for sharing these photos with us.

Do you have a photo that you would like to submit for Wordless Wednesday?  Email us at lelydairylife@gmail.com.

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Earth Day 2014

Today marks Earth Day! Here’s to America’s producers and the sustainable advancements that have taken place in the dairy industry throughout the years. 


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Technology helps combat cow health and milk quality issues

Technology is no longer the future of dairy; it is an integral part of a modern dairy. Rotating cow brushes increase comfort levels, automatic feed pushers provide constant feed and mobile barn cleaners offer a solution for cow housing hygiene. Advancements in barn technologies, such as these, make it easier for both producers and cows to do their job, and do it well. Having just one piece of the puzzle is extremely effective however; utilizing several components at once certainly affects the outcome. So, how does your Juno, Vector or Discovery affect milk quality and overall cow health when used with your milking robot? There is a circle of efficiency involved.

The introduction of innovative dairy technology continues to have a profound impact on dairies and milk quality.

The introduction of innovative dairy technology continues to have a profound impact on dairies and milk quality.

Cow Hygiene
Use of the Discovery mobile barn cleaner leads to less manure in the cubicles, cleaner claws, tail and udders, doing its job without interfering with cow movement, which results in a peaceful and quiet herd and prevents claw and udder illnesses. Healthy cows produce healthy milk.

Frequent, Fresh Feed
Providing frequent, fresh feed results in increased feed intake and higher milk production, and also has a positive effect on cow health. Research has proven that frequent, fresh feeding yields healthy cows and results in more frequent visits to the robot.

More Milkings
More visits to the robot ensure frequent and regular milkings. More milkings support cow health and prevent mastitis in particular, as well as minimize the risk of other health issues which affect cow productivity and output. Not only do these factors contribute to increased milk quality but, the Lely MQC (milk quality control) sensors, on the Lely Astronaut robotic milker, provide vital information on animal health metrics like: rumination; weight; milk fat/protein/lactose content including fat and protein ratio; and conductivity, color and quality of the milk. This results in easy-to-use practical attentions of cows with mastitis, ketosis, acidosis and other health problems, providing you with vital information on mastitis, body health and feed rations.

No producer knows his cows better than a Lely robot producer.

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Behind the Red Wall

Lely knows just how important your family is to you, and we feel the same about our own. Live Life Lely is not only a slogan; it is a lifestyle we wish for our customers and also for ourselves. We realize our business can only grow if our people grow; we encourage our people to go that extra mile, supporting them with professional and personal development. It is with the hard work and support of these men and women that Lely has been able to continue to innovate throughout the years. Hear directly from our team about their role in your robotic milking operation:

Sara McBurneySara McBurney — Farm Management Support, Lely North America
Sara McBurney joined Lely in August 2011. Today, as a part of the FMS team, she works to support and train customers and industry people before, during and after they transition into robotic milking. “I love working with all the different people and supporting them during a really exciting transition into robotic milking,” said Sara. “Knowing that Lely is so focused on innovation and developments to make families’ lives better means that we’re never going to stop moving forward; there’s always going to be new and exciting things on the horizon.”

Jordan RooseJordan Roose — Assembler , Lely Operations Pella
Jordan Roose joined the Lely assembly team, located in Pella, IA, in 2012. Today he assembles robots with a focus on the wiring of the junction box, SPC box and mothership box. Additionally, he works on the assembly of central units and manages the overstock inventory on parts shelves. “I appreciate the fact that my position has allowed me to learn the function and build of a high-tech machine,” said Jordan. “Since I came from a farming background, it is intriguing for me to be involved in the process of building a cutting-edge agricultural product.” Jordan also said that he enjoys seeing the efforts made by Lely to bring the company and customer together through events such as factory tours, farm tours and other efforts.

Reid BalzerReid Balzer — Feed and Barn Product Specialist, Lely North America
Reid Balzer joined the Lely team in 2012. Today, as a Feed and Barn Product Specialist, he is responsible for the technical support of the feed and barn products, which include: Lely Juno, Discovery, Calm Calf Feeder and the Vector. He is also responsible for dealer and product development. “Lely is always trying to improve its products, so the feedback I give can have a part in a new product or an improvement to an old product,” said Reid. “Lely has been a great company to work for, and the thing that I enjoy most is the core values they uphold to make the best product they can so the farmer can produce the best product possible while having quality of life. It’s always a great feeling when you can help ensure a family farm will stay in operation for many years to come.”

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Wordless Wednesday – April 16

On this Wordless Wednesday, we are posting a few photos that Robyn Walsh (@WalshRobyn) shared on Twitter yesterday. Robyn works with Post Lely Center in Alma, ON. She is assisting John and Debra Boot, owners and operators of Scaldia Farms, with the start up of their new Lely Astronaut A4 robotic milking machine.

Wordless Wednesday - April 16

Have a photo you would like to submit for Wordless Wednesday? Email it to lelydairylife@gmail.com and you will see your photo on LelyLife.com.

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The Bullvine Reviews Lely’s Data

The-Future-of-Dairy-Cattle-Breeding-Is-In-the-DataRecently the online community, The Bullvine, reviewed the value of crunching cow numbers in an article titled, The Future of Dairy Cattle Breeding Is In the Data.


This extensive article outlines eight numbers for better cow management decisions as well as numbers to breed better cows. At Lely, we are very interested in data, maintaining that informed producers are successful producers. Our Lely Astronaut A4 is capable of capturing more than 120 different values, per cow, per day – and the Lely T4C (time for cows) management system is there to make sense of all of that information!

Below is the conclusion of the recent article. We encourage you to check out the full article by clicking here!

The Bullvine Bottom Line
The definitive statement, when it comes to information and data on dairy farms, is that we have currently only scratched the surface. Definitely much more data from automated on-farm systems will soon be available for breeders to use to operate their dairy enterprises and to select their sires. Decisions made by dealing with the exceptions or past performance are old concepts. What is needed is more condensed and focused information and data to manage with on a real time basis. More data from automated data capture systems can and will make this a better industry. Let’s welcome in the future.


Lely is dedicated to staying at the forefront of dairy innovation and we are just as excited about what is to come!

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March #LelyLife Photo Contest Winners

We asked you to send us heartwarming and fun photos of  your family and your operation for the #LelyLife Photo Contest. We received a lot of great photos in March and are please to announce the winners for the month.

And the March 2014 winners are:

Lanna Mason_FacebookMason Farms Ltd., Oak Point, Manitoba, Canada.

“This was one of our Christmas pictures we had taken in our new barn this past Christmas!” - Lanna Mason




Ferme Courlin Inc._GmailFerme Courlin Inc., St-Ephrem de Beauce, Quebec, Canada.

“Our pretty little heifers in our nursery. We have a Lely Calm with two feeding stations. We just love our Lely Calm. And so do our little heifers!”    Luce Morin


The #LelyLife contest will run through August 2014. Submissions are currently being accepted via Facebook, Twitter and through email to lelydairylife@gmail.com.

Winners will receive a free Lely stocking cap and be published in the 2015 Lely North America calendar.

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Wordless Wednesday – April 9

On this Wordless Wednesday, we’re sharing a few photos from our recent VTM (visit the manufacturer) tour.  Early this month, Lely North America hosted several dairy farmers on a multi-day tour throughout the Midwest. Attendees met with producers that are already using Lely robotic milking systems on their operations. It was an honor to have so many wonderful people spend the week with us!

VTMWordlessWednesdayIf you would like to learn more about robotic milking contact your local Lely dealer to take part in local learning opportunities such as town hall meetings, open houses and online webinars!

Have a photo you would like to submit a photo for Wordless Wednesday? Email it to lelydairylife@gmail.com and you will see your photo on LelyLife.com.

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Open House | April 14 @ Missy Holsteins in Moose Creek, Ontario

Alain and Sylvia Jacquemet will host an open house event Saturday, April 12, 2014 to showcase Missy Holsteins’ retrofitted dairy barn. You will be able to see two Lely A4 Astronaut robotic milking system with activity/rumination collars, the Juno 100 automatic feed pusher and two Luna cow brushes in action. The facility has been retrofitted to free stall design with a separation area and has graviton weight floors, plus SCC modules.

Event Information

What: Missy Holsteins
When: Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: 17591 Sandringham Rd., Moose Creek, Ontario
For more information: Contact Dundas Agri Systems @ 613-652-4844


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NICC Ribbon Cutting | New Lely Robot Facility

Over 700 people attended the Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Open Barn on March 27, and Lely advisors were on standby to answer their questions. The event was held in celebration of the college’s new robotic milking center located on the NICC campus in Calmar, IA.

NICC - Open Barn EventA ribbon-cutting ceremony was held during the event to mark the official opening of the new facility, which is outfitted with two Lely Astronaut A4 robots, one Juno automatic feed pusher, one Discovery mobile barn cleaner and several Luna cow brushes. Additionally, a set of Lely books, 20 Years of Robotic Milking, were donated to the program for student use.

The new robotic milkers were installed by Lely Center, Fitzgerald Inc., located in Elkader, IA. Lely is honored to contribute to the education of the next generation of dairy producers and educators. The NICC facility will be used to teach students, consumers, youth and local dairy producers about advancements in dairy science.

Check out the slideshow to get a glimpse of the new facility and see highlights from the event.

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