Old Girls Can Learn New Tricks: Good-Vue Farms Embraces Automated Feeding System

Posted by Team Lely on Oct 20, 2017

Linda Hanson and son Mathew took to the stage at World Dairy Expo in October 2017 to share a Virtual Farm Tour and to detail their experiences from when they first began to consider an automated feeding system for their dairy operation to where they are at today, about one year after start-up.

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3 Common Milking Robot Myths

Posted by Team Lely on Oct 13, 2017

When deciding if milking robots are the right fit for you and your operation, it is important to have all of the facts. Lely is dedicated to providing the dairy industry with relevant and useful information, ensuring that all producers are informed producers. Today we share a few common robotic milking myths.

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Organic Dairy Sales Continue to Climb

Posted by Team Lely on Oct 06, 2017

The rise in the organic industry in the US continued through 2016 as sales topped $43 billion. $6.4 billion of that was attributed to the organic dairy category, which is up 6.2 percent from the year. A study by Hartman Group, a research firm focused on the food and beverage marketplace, found that shoppers are willing to pay more for organic products – more than 30 percent more for organic milk, yogurt and cheese.

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Lely Silicone Teat Liners: Designed with the Robot and Your Dairy Cow in Mind

Posted by Tony Solon on Sep 28, 2017

With many options available, choosing a liner can be a bit perplexing. It’s an important decision that can have a huge impact on udder health and efficiency.

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Lely Celebrates 25 Years of Robotic Milking

Posted by Team Lely on Sep 18, 2017


On August 18, 1992, exactly 25 years ago, the first milk from the Lely Astronaut flowed into the milk tank, marking an important step in dairy automation for farms all over the world. This meant that an entire generation of dairy farmers would grow up with this form of robotic dairy milkers and all the benefits they brought. We would like to celebrate this milestone with you by offering a special anniversary promotion.

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The Value of Lely Vectors

Posted by Team Lely on Sep 11, 2017

Dairy producers in Canada and the United States are seeing the value of the Lely Vector as they work to reduce feed costs and the time spent feeding cows. An automatic feeding system that ensures that there is always enough fresh feed delivered to the herd with no input from you? Sounds too good to be true, but with the Vector system, the feed-height sensor detects whether more feed needs to be added and provides feed only when strictly necessary. This reduces the amount of feed waste and increases the quantity of fresh feed.

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Future of Dairy Scholarship Program Returns for Second Year

Posted by Team Lely on Sep 01, 2017

“How would you explain the benefits of dairy automation to consumers?” If you know the answer to this, you may be interested in applying for the Future of Dairy Scholarship Program. We are proud to once again present the Future of Dairy Scholarship Program sponsored by Lely North America. In the program’s second year, five qualified students residing in the United States and/or Canada will be chosen to receive a one-year, $1,000 scholarship.  

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Hoenhorst Farms Ltd. Joins Lely North America Red Cow Community

Posted by Team Lely on Aug 28, 2017

Lely North America with Lely Center Woodstock recently presented a red cow to the Wensink family and team members at Hoenhorst Farms, Ltd. after their transition from six Lely Astronaut A3 automatic milking systems to eight Lely Astronaut A4 robots. Lely recognizes Dairy XL operations that have eight Lely robots or more by presenting them with a “red” Lely cow to display on their farm. The cow signifies their entrance into the red cow community.

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Lely Celebrates 25 Years of Robotic Milking Advancements

Posted by Peter Langebeeke on Aug 21, 2017

What do you remember from 1992? Here are some highlights:

  • Microsoft released Windows 3.1
  • SMS messaging was used for the first time, sending the first text message
  • The first web browser, Mosaic, debuted to help us navigate the world wide web
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Organic farms use robots to increase milk production, integrate grazing

Posted by Jim Elliott on Aug 10, 2017

*Published on July 31, 2017 in Progressive Dairyman. Jim Elliott is the Assistant Regional Manager for Lely.

With the rising demand for organic milk, more dairy operations are choosing robotic milkers to help increase milk production, answer labour issues and help with herd health.

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