Bunk Talk – Lely Vector Automatic feeding system


Here is first ration mix of this new Lely Vector in Alberta Canada.

The latest North American Lely Vector automatic feeding system has been installed in Alberta, Canada, as pictured. 

On average, farmers spend 700 hours per year per 100 dairy cows. This is a little bit less than two hours per day. With the Lely Vector, you are only required to pay attention to feeding the cows once every three days. Thirty-five percent of the Lely Vector-fed farms find time-savings as they spend less than 208 hours of labor per year feeding cows. The Lely Vector system allows for 24/7 fresh feed and it is brought to the cows multiple times a day — the highest return on your feed investment.

With a normal pattern, a healthy cow will naturally consumer 8 to 12 meals a day. The constant delivery of well-mixed , fresh feed by the Lely Vector system will encourage cows to consume more and also provide ample opportunity for low ranking animals to eat.

What is the effect of 24/7 fresh feeding?

Lely research shows that on average Vector-fed farms increased milk production up 1.9 litres of milk/day. This is when we compared one year before with one year after start-up with the Lely Vector.

Combine the Lely Vector automatic feeding system with a Lely Juno that pushes the feed forward and in between rounds.

Vector automatic feeding system benefits include: 

  • Fresh, well-mixed portions
  • Higher feed intake
  • Safely stored for several days
  • Suitable for all group sizes
  • More visits to the milking robot
  • Feedings based on cows intake
  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Quick and easy feed type changes


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#Wordless Wednesday – CDX Next Week


photo courtesy of Henry Hutton











Next week, visit the Lely booth at the 2015 Canadian Dairy XPO on Feb. 4-5 at the Stratford Rotary Complex, Stratford, ON. See the complete Lely product line, as well as speak with salespeople and technicians from Post Lely  and Lely Center Woodstock about any questions you have.

The Canadian Dairy XPO (CDX) is an exclusive dairy tradeshow, showcasing the latest in innovation, genetics, robotics, dairy products and services. This is officially the LARGEST dairy stage in Canada with over 13,900 attending dairy producers from across Canada, USA and Europe. For more details, visit here

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Join the Lely Team

Do you like to work for a global yet local company? Do you like a variety of tasks? Do you like to serve people?  Do you like the agricultural industry?  If you answered yes, we want to hear from you.  Lely North America has a number of employment opportunities based out of its Pella, Iowa headquarters and throughout the United States.  Positions range from sales, marketing to information technology. Our office offers a beautiful view of the sunrise, but our people and company culture offer an enjoyable workplace.  To learn about career opportunities contact Mary Lowe, HR Generalist,  malowe@lely.com , 641.621.2727.


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Post Lely Center Hosts Bus Tour of Dairy Operations in Eastern Ontario & Quebec

Post Lely Center of Ontario is hosting the 2015 Eastern Ontario Bus Tour today through Thursday. This event is an opportunity for producers to meet and talk with dairy farmers who currently work with robotic milking systems. The tour includes 8-10 robotic facilities in Eastern Ontario and Quebec. The group will be visiting a variety of freestall and tie-stall retrofits, small and large operations and new dairy facilities.

Their first stop today was to Sunnybrooke Farms owned by the Watson Family located near Campbellford. In December 2013, the Watsons moved into their new robotic facility. The barn features one Lely A4 robot, with room for expansion. The 40 milking cows currently average between 46–50 kg/cow/day. The tour also stopped at the Schouten Farm near Richmond in eastern Ontario which uses nine robots to do the routine work of milking nearly 380 Holsteins. Their daily quota is 490 kg. Look for photos and comments from the bus tour this week. Follow Lely North America on Facebook and on Twitter at @DairyRobot  #LelyBusTour2015.


Sunnybrooke Farms is owned by the Watson Family located near Campbellford.

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Did Juno? You can win!


We’re giving away two Juno 100 feed pushers! Sign up to win at your local Lely Center event or online at www.lelylife.com/didjuno

Lely Juno provides 24/7 constant availability of fresh roughage with less labor
It is well known that continuous availability of fresh fodder results in increased dry matter intake and increased milk production. In addition, frequent feeding has a positive impact on general animal health. Quite often, labor is the limiting factor in making fresh feed available to cows around the clock. Thanks to the Lely Juno, this problem is a thing of the past.

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This photo is shared by Amy Maxwell in Iowa who says Tabitha spent some time with the Lely Luna brush this morning! tabitha

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FMS L2 training in Batavia, NY

This group completed their Lely Farm Management Support (FMS) L2 training in Batavia, New York last week.  The picture was taken at an organic/grazing Cottonwood dairy in Pavilion, NY. Despite the harsh winter conditions with lake-effect, blowing snow and low temperatures, these participants upgraded their status from L1 to L2 certified FMS advisors. Lely’s FMS department provides advice to customers and their stakeholders to become successful Lely dairy equipment users by providing farm, herd and equipment management guidelines.



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A look into nutritional factors affecting robotic milking

Mark RoseMark Rose, a nutritionist with Lely, wrote about robotic nutrition in an article that appeared in Progressive Dairyman Canada. Read the excerpt below or the entire article here.

The shift from conventional to automatic milking systems is one of the biggest decisions a producer can make. Many questions and concerns that come with this decision relate to the dairy’s feed management. Read on for real robot nutrition experience and the best approach to ensure success before, during and after startup in an automatic milking system.

Before start-up

Nutritionally, the homework for a producer, along with the nutritionist, begins three to four months prior to startup when they meet with local farm management support to discuss changes in feed management.

The biggest challenge for the producer and nutritionist may be moving from a TMR to a partially mixed ration (PMR). Changing feeding styles is an important step in transitioning to automatic milking, ensuring cows are motivated to visit the robot regardless of barn layout.

What does a PMR look like? The best rule of thumb is to balance the feedbunk 6.8 kilograms below the herd’s average production. The remainder of the carbohydrate requirement will come from pellets fed in the automatic milking system.

Read more.


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#Winter Wordless Wednesday

Several dairy farmers are using social media to praise their Lely robots and Lely Vectors for running strong during the brutal winter weather. How are your Lely products helping you?



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Lely Reflections: Top 10 Lely activities celebrated in 2014

Before we turn the calendar to a new year of activities, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the positives of 2014.  Thank you for making this a year to remember!

Top 10 Lely activities celebrated in 2014

Dec30Limitedlogo1. Lely celebrates 1,000 robots sold in Canada. Lely robots are now present in every Canadian province.




2. Lely’s North American production facility experiences a record-setting year of robot production. All U.S. and Canadian robots are built in and shipped from Pella, IA.


Dec30Number33. The Lely Vector automatic feeding system makes its debut in the USA at Westview Farm in Peach Bottom, PA.




4. Lely North America launches T4C InHerd mobile management system. This innovation wins Dairy Herd Management’s Dairy Innovation Award at World Dairy Expo.


Dec30Number55. History is made as the first robotically milked herds in Newfoundland and Kentucky are milked by the Lely A4 Astronaut robotic milking system.


6. Lely expands local Lely Center network to the states of Utah and Kentucky.








7. Forty-four Lely Astronauts are installed on a dairy in Germany making it the largest robot dairy in the world.










8. More than 150 participants across North America visit numerous Midwest Lely robot farms and Pella headquarters for the Lely Journey Tour.




9. Dec30Number9North America holds inaugural Lely Technical Services Support Conference and Product Specialist Training.







10. The Lely North America Hospitality Mission is born. Lely team members work together to find best solutions to serve customers in 2014 and beyond. “Is there anything else we can do for you today?”







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