Covering the needs of cows: Dairy Specialists becomes new Lely Center

Posted by Steve Fried on Feb 09, 2018

Lely North America is excited to introduce Dairy Specialists, based in Evans, Colorado, as our newest Lely Center. Dairy Specialists is owned by Randy Sorensen and is proud of their exceptional team of people in sales, service and product support.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Us at World Ag Expo

Posted by Team Lely on Feb 02, 2018

Lely's celebration of 25 years of automation continues at the World Ag Expo, the largest annual agricultural exposition of its kind, where more than 1,500 exhibitors from around the world will be encouraging the newest conversations, innovations and inventions in the industry. This year, it will take place February 13 - 15 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, California.

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6 ways DairyWise Lean can help you gain 28% more milk per man hour

Posted by Team Lely on Jan 26, 2018

If high workloads and lack of routine, coupled with low production, labor or low margins are challenges on your farm, DairyWise may be the solution for you. By setting in motion permanent and significant improvements, you can improve overall farm performance and the process of milk production in a lean and more efficient way.

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How Genomics is Changing Breeding

Posted by Team Lely on Jan 19, 2018

Matthew Costello, Genetic Product Manager for CRV USA, spoke at the Lely Farm Management Support conference last spring about genetics and robot operations, and shared some of his insight on genetics and the dairy industry.

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Austin Day joins Lely as Dairy XL Sales Specialist

Posted by Cindy Van Donselaar on Jan 12, 2018

Lely is proud to welcome Austin Day to the North American team, where he serves as the Dairy XL Sales Specialist for the Western Region in the United States and Canada. In his new role, Austin is responsible for working with Lely Centers in the growth of sales in the large herd dairy sector.

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An Automatic Calf Feeder Could Benefit Your Operation

Posted by Team Lely on Jan 10, 2018

You’re busy and have a million daily chores to see to so why not take at least one thing off the list and automate your calf feeding? The Lely Calm automatic calf feeder will supply the correct portion and concentration of feed spread over the day, resembling the natural behavior of the calf. 

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5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Milking Robot Running Smoothly in 2018

Posted by Team Lely on Dec 29, 2017

Ten minutes a day will keep the doctor away! Proper daily maintenance routines are vital for robot owners who don’t want the robot calling in the middle of the night with issues. Kick off 2018 the right way by committing to having better daily routines that will make your lives easier in the long run.

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A Bittersweet Christmas for Stam Dairy

Posted by Cindy Van Donselaar on Dec 22, 2017

It wasn’t wrapped under a tree, but a large present for Caleb Stam and Nathaniel Stam arrived on a semi last week as they received two brand new Lely milking robots. The brothers, who farm in Oskaloosa, Iowa, are looking forward to transitioning their dairy operation to robotic milking next year, after construction of their new barn is complete. 

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5 Lucky Winners of the Lely Future of Dairy Scholarship Program Announced

Posted by Team Lely on Dec 20, 2017

Lely North America is proud to announce the recipients of the Lely North America Future of Dairy Scholarship Program, which provides support to those who will help build the future of the industry.

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Steve Sweet joins Lely Farm Management Support Team

Posted by Cindy Van Donselaar on Dec 15, 2017

Lely is proud to welcome Steve Sweet to its North American team as a Senior Farm Management Support Advisor for Dairy XL. In his role, he will work with Lely Centers and large herd dairies providing guidance and dairy management support for all aspects of robotic milking.

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