Twin Brook Creamery Chocolate Moo-Shake

Posted by Team Lely on Jun 24, 2019
Team Lely

As a way to celebrate June Dairy Month, we wanted to feature one family dairy each week who is producing and selling dairy products from the milk harvested from their cows. The Stap family at Twin Brook Creamery chose the Chocolate Moo-shake as their can't-miss milkshake this year!

Twin Brook Chocolate Moo-Shake

In an era when many dairies are exploring expanding their herds to remain sustainable, Twin Brook Creamery chose to go a different route. It was 2006 when Larry Stap’s daughter and son-in-law wanted to join the family dairy operation and they considered growing their herd to 1,000. Instead, they decided to open a creamery and add value to their raw commodity with the help of robots.

Located in northwest Washington near Lynden, approximately half a mile from the Canadian border and 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Twin Brook Creamery products are available in more than 200 retail stores spanning down to Portland, Oregon. Easily identified in refillable glass bottles, their milk is collected from Jersey cows by Lely robots. Learn how the FMS team helped Twin Brook Creamery experience success with their robotic start-up.


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