Cleaning your robot with Astri products

Posted by Team Lely on Mar 16, 2017

When cleaning in your home, you use specific products for specific tasks; dishwasher detergent cleans your dishes while laundry soap cleans your clothes. The same principle applies to cleaning your milking robot. Cleaning products from the Astri line not only keep your robot operating at peak efficiency, the cleaning agents reduce the risk of germs to keep cow health issues to a minimum.

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Burkhalter Family Organic Dairy Using Lely Astronaut A4 Milking System

Posted by Team Lely on Sep 25, 2014

The Burkhalter Family Organic Dairy in Rosburg, Wash., was featured this week by Nick Nikkila of the Chinook Observer. The Bukhalters are using Lely Astronaut A4 automatic milking systems. Read an excerpt below and read more by clicking here.

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Alleck Olerud experiences new robotic milker install

Posted by Team Lely on Aug 22, 2014

As we mentioned in a previous post, Alleck Olerud is spending his summer interning with Lely. We sat down with Alleck and asked him about his experience of installing his first robotic milking system. Check it out.

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Barn hygiene and robotic milking

Posted by Team Lely on Jul 07, 2014

On dairy farms, udder and claw health are closely related to barn hygiene. Clean and dry bedding reduces the risk of mastitis when the cow is resting and prevents the teats and udder to become dirty. Clean passages avoid that cows bring manure into the cubicles, allow the claws to dry and hence reduce the sensitivity for infectious claw disorders, and avoid cows from slipping when walking.

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Jo-Lane Dairy | A bright future with robotic milking

Posted by Team Lely on Jun 16, 2014

 A good indication that Lance and Jonna Schutte, owners of Jo-Lane Dairy in Monona, Iowa, are looking to the future is that each of their three children (aged five and under) already have their own registered dairy cow. “All bloodlines trace back to my parents’ farm. They started the tradition that each grandchild receives a heifer. The heifer born closest to the grandchild’s day of birth is the one they get,” Jonna said.

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National Dairy Shrine Honors Charles "Pete" Knigge

Posted by Team Lely on May 30, 2014

Every year, the National Dairy Shrine (NDS) honors the individuals that have helped to pioneer the industry. Charles “Pete” Knigge of Omro, Wisconsin is among this year’s winners. Knigge Farms was the first robotic milking farm in the United States. The facility was an early adaptor of freestall housing and TRM feeding. Knigge has also served a leadership role in numerous state and local dairy and civic organizations.

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World Dairy Expo's Virtual Farm Tour Features Lepples’ Ridge-View Farm, Inc.

Posted by Team Lely on May 16, 2014

World Dairy Expo has announce this year’s Virtual Farm Tours.

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Preparation tips for robotic milking

Posted by Team Lely on May 12, 2014

In the preparation phase for robotic milking it is recommended to visit several farms of the same size and with the same type of barn, in order to get a good picture of the way robotic milking works and what it involves in terms of farm management. The experience of fellow dairy farmers is an important help in introducing the milking robot successfully into the farming process.

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Queen Máxima opens Lely’s ‘Greenest Innovation Campus’ in Netherlands

Posted by Team Lely on Jan 30, 2014

Queen Máxima has officially opened the Lely Greenest Innovation Campus in Maasluis (Netherlands) on the occasion of its opening ceremony. With this campus Lely - as the worldwide market leader in dairy farm automation - paves the way towards sustainable and innovative business in the agricultural sector, making real innovation contribute to an enjoyable future for both people and animals.

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Robotic Milking: Three Common Myths

Posted by Team Lely on Jan 24, 2014

When deciding if robotic milking is the right fit for you and your operation, it is important to have all of the facts. Lely is dedicated to providing the dairy industry with relevant and useful information, ensuring that all producers are informed producers. Today we share a few common robotic milking myths.

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