Snake River Robotics is Serious About Dairy Automation

Posted by Team Lely on Aug 05, 2020
Team Lely

Snake River Robotics, located in Heyburn, Idaho, has been dedicated to supporting innovative dairy producers with Lely robotic solutions since 2016. This Lely Center is known for its knowledgeable expertise and specialization in dairy automation in the Magic Valley of south central Idaho.

Snake River Robotics was founded by fourth-generation dairy producer Todd Webb and his business partners Mark Webb, Scott Webb, Mike Garner and Jared Simkins. This partnership also consists of a diverse array of businesses including Heglar Creek Electric, Heglar Creek Cattle, Raft River Sod and a dairy operation called Heglar Creek Farms. The staff at Heglar Creek Farms have been milking its more than 1,000 cows with Lely Astronaut A4 robotic milking systems since 2018. This operation's herd has averaged approximately 100 pounds of milk production per day with Lely robots. With a team consisting of individuals who own and operate Lely robots themselves, the Snake River Robotics staff understands exactly what dairy producers need and truly believes in dairy automation.

Lely Center Snake River Robotics

Lely Dairy Automation Specialists

This Lely Center stands out from local competition with its team of dairy robotics specialists who focus solely on Lely automation. Snake River Robotics' staff includes knowledgeable employees from a Farm Management Support (FMS) advisor to service technicians who are experienced with Lely robots and the dairy robotics startup process. 

Since its founding, Snake River Robotics has completed many dairy automation projects. The Lely Center's team most recently completed southern Idaho's second Dairy XL farm at Ward Dairy, where 18 Lely Astronaut A5s were installed to milk the operation's 1,000 cows. Watch the video below to see what this Lely Center is capable of with large operations like Ward Dairy:

Providing Efficiency and Rapid Response to Dairy Producers

Snake River Robotics is committed to meeting the needs of its customers, from large to small dairies. The team's ultimate goals include enhancing the efficiency and herd management of each customer's operation. They are experienced in helping dairy producers improve their ability to manage each individual cow with data collected by the Lely Astronaut A5's Time for Cows (T4C) management system. The T4C system translates real-time data taken from each cow to help herd managers proactively monitor their herd, from high producers to freshening cows.

The team at Snake River Robotics also understands how vital it is to be on call and responsive to dairy producers 24/7. 

"We know it's important to respond to the customer's needs and provide good, prompt service. We build projects we can be proud of that are made to meet our customers' goals," said Snake River Robotics sales manager Jared Simkins.

If you live in the Magic Valley area and are interested in discovering how dairy robotics could enhance your operation, contact the Snake River Robotics team at 208-878-5359, visit their website, check out their Facebook page or view their YouTube channel for more information. Lely North America is proud to work with expert partners like Snake River Robotics to offer dairy producers a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming!

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