ANNOUNCEMENT: Red Cow Revolution Tour Postponed

Posted by Team Lely on Mar 16, 2020
Team Lely

In respect for our host dairies and their employees and for the sake of precaution for our guests, Lely North America has decided to postpone the Red Cow Revolution Tour scheduled for the week of April 20th. Lely NA has been watching the COVID-19 situation very closely and with many recent event cancellations, we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to postpone the tour.

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Plans for Rescheduling

This tour has generated a lot of excitement and we are aware that many were highly anticipating the opportunity to witness dairy automation at several of the top dairies in Wisconsin. The host farms were equally as excited and we trust that everyone will be just as enthusiastic when the tour commences on a later date. With many guests signed up from all over North America, the U.K. and Brazil, we have no doubt this tour will meet everyone's expectations in the future. As disappointed as we are to postpone this event, Lely NA is determined to put the health and well-being of all involved with the tour first and foremost.  

At this point, the future dates are not set. However, Lely NA is working with the host farms to establish the new date. Once the tour is rescheduled, registrants will be the first to know and we will work on re-registering each individual. 

Lely NA thanks everyone in advance for understanding the situation, and we look forward to seeing you on the Red Cow Revolution Tour soon!

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