Optimizing Milk Quality

Posted by Kira Andersen on Jul 31, 2019


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Are you hoping to maximize your milk production and attain milk quality premiums? As a consumer, you demand fresh, wholesome, safe and good quality milk. The way to achieve those goals may be as easy as optimizing your Lely Astronaut’s Clean in Place (CIP) performance and efficiency. 

Proper CIP procedures are vital in delivering the highest-quality milk. Milk leaves behind fat, protein and mineral residues in the milking system. These residues must be removed after each milking to ensure the system does not adversely affect the quality of milk being harvested. 

Hygiene is of vital importance to the production of quality milk, which makes cleaning the robot (inside and outside) essential. 

There are several factors that influence cleaning. The Lely milking robot cleans itself three times a day in a fully automated manner. Lely follows the principles of tACT:  time, Action, Concentration and Temperature. We also use information regarding water quality, type of soil load, type of surface to clean, cleaning method and people in order to help make the best decision for your dairy. To optimize your CIP performance, we make sure each of those factors is performing optimally.The cleaning products are designed to provide a thorough cleaning action and are 100 percent safe for the robot. 


Using Astri cleaning products designed specifically for the robot, Astri LIN and Astri CID, ensures the maintenance of your machine, high-quality milk and the maximum available milking time.

Did you know that Lely offers a wide range of products and support tailored to your Lely Astronaut automatic milking system? From alkalines and acids to manual and vacuum pump cleaners, we have a solution to meet your needs and the needs of the robot. These products support optimal hygiene and feature good-quality wear parts that safeguard the long lifespan of your Lely Astronaut milking robot. Lely aims to be the dairy producer’s total solutions provider of innovative machines, in-field expertise and consultative management. With the guidance of technical service and farm management support, Lely specialists guide the dairy producer to meet each operation’s personal goals. Your Lely Center supplies an extensive range of consumables and original wear parts to maximize the potential of Lely products.

Just like a sports team, it takes teamwork to maintain an efficient and properly functioning milking system that promotes quality milk production. Every day we help our customers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Lely helps by providing advice and innovative solutions that fit in with and contribute to efficient farm management. Present and future. Lely believes in a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming.


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