National Dairy Month Giveaway

Posted by Team Lely on Jun 02, 2017
Team Lely

Every June, we celebrate National Dairy Month to highlight the importance dairy plays in our everyday lives. Originally beginning in 1937 as National Milk Month, and changing to National Dairy Month in 1939, this campaign was initially begun as a way to promote drinking milk while production was at a surplus. Over the span of the next 80 years, it evolved into honoring the dairy industry as a whole. Today, entire communities, both rural and urban, embrace it as a way to celebrate the contributions the dairy industry makes to the world. Here at Lely, we want to do our part in showing the world the way to dairy, and here are just a few ways you can get involved all month long: 


  1. Show your friends, family and acquaintances that you support the dairy industry by turning your profile picture red with our #NationalDairyMonth frame.
  1. Showcase your dairy pride on social media with some of these fun facts that are each 140 characters or less! Don't forget to follow Lely as we will post additional fun facts all month long.LELY_1071_June Dairy Month_Post Edit.jpg
  1. Proudly display your love for dairy on your farm by winning an 18” x 36” ‘Bot Milk poster from Lely. To be one of 100 winners, enter now at

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