Lely Silicone Teat Liners: Designed with Robot and Dairy Cow in Mind

Posted by Tony Solon on Sep 28, 2017
Tony Solon


With many options available, choosing a liner can be a bit perplexing. It’s an important decision that can have a huge impact on udder health and efficiency.

Lely silicone teat liners have impact on udder health and efficiency

Lely liners are suitable for Lely’s Astri-branded robot cleaning product and the Pura steam cleaning systemYou’re probably asking what makes the Lely silicon teat liner the right option for your herd. The Lely silicon teat liners provide a threefold solution: promoting udder heath, ensuring robot performance and the durability of the liner. They are flexible and soft, adapt to the form of the udder, the teat position, the teat size and guarantee a proper treatment. In addition, Lely liners have very good adhesion ability preventing the liner from creeping up on the udder. What’s more, the surface is very smooth which prevents bacteria and other pathogens to attach to the surface. The materials used to make the liners meet the strict requirements for regulation on food safety for dairy products and hygiene, which prevent foreign substances in the milk.

Remember, the silicon liners are suitable for Lely’s Astri-branded robot cleaning products and the Pura steam cleaning system.

Since we’re speaking liners, here’s a friendly reminder of the importance to check your teat liners for dirt and damage every day. If you find damage, they must be replaced then. Check the number of milkings for each liner as replacement is needed every 10,000 milkings. This will prevent leakage and reduces the risk of udder infections. One final note, after changing the teat cup liners, you need to set the milking counter at ‘zero’ in the Lely T4C (Time for Cows) dairy herd management program.

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