I Want S'More Milkshake recipe from Sheldon Creek Dairy

Posted by Team Lely on Jun 10, 2019
Team Lely


Sheldon Creek Dairy - I Want SMore Milkshake

 Once you try this milkshake recipe, you'll want s'more! Sheldon Creek Dairy shared this recipe in celebration of June Dairy Month. With a creamery and dairy operation, the den Haan family knows their way around dairy products, and this milkshake is no exception.

The den Haan family has cows on their farm with pedigrees they can trace back 20 generations. Because they have this type of data and can track the cows all the way through the bottling process, they chose to exclusively use A2 genetics in their herd, and one year ago, Sheldon Creek Dairy was the first dairy to bring A2 milk to Canada. A2 milk is healthier and easier to digest than other cow's milk on the market, meaning it may be a good alternative for people who are sensitive to milk. 

Six months ago, the den Haan family began the transition to their new robotic facility. Within six weeks they were meeting production goals that they had set for the first year. With so much data on each individual cow at their fingertips, they now feel they know each cow better than before even though they don't see each one every day. Any problems or issues that arise with their cows are caught quickly, sometimes before they show any clinical signs.


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