7 ways the Lely Juno will benefit your operation

Posted by Team Lely on Sep 05, 2019
Team Lely



Imagine gaining flexibility in your schedule without having to pay additional labor costs. Does it sound too good to be true? With the Lely Juno automatic feed pusher, a flexible future is attainableInstalling the Lely Juno in your barn not only offers labor and time savings, but several more benefits. Here are seven ways this industry leading feed pusher will help improve your dairy operation.  



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Seven Ways the Lely Juno Shines

  1. Improved production from your herd
    The 24/7 continuous availability of fresh feed results in increased dry matter intake and increased milk production with improved components. 
  2. Minimized feed waste
    The standalone machine moves automatically, pushing feed toward the feed fence without disturbing the cows. The increased frequency in feed pushing decreases the sorting done by higher-ranking cows while providing the best nutritional benefit to your herd. 
  3. Energy savings
    Extremely energy-efficient, the Lely Juno has a positive effect on CO2 emissions. To put that in perspective, a tractor or shovel will use ten times as much energy and will emit four times as much CO2 on an annual basis. 
  4. Labor savings
    Based on three, 10-minute rounds per day, the Lely Juno saves an average of 183 hours of labor per year. That equates to saving 22, eight-hour working days per year! 
  5. Improved animal well-being
    Increasing your feed pushing frequency will stimulate feed consumption throughout the day and night, resulting in higher feed intake from your herd. This positively affects the pH balance in their rumen and improves, not only the animal’s health, but their fertility and production as well. 
  6. A quieter herd
    With the regular and dependable feed pushing that the Lely Juno offers, low-ranking cows will have more access to fresh feed after higher-ranking cows have had their fill.  
  7. More flexibility in your schedule
    Taking over the repetitive work of pushing feed to your cows, the Lely Juno frees up valuable time in your schedule.  

Flexible Packages

The Lely Juno offers flexible packages that include extra features, making it the perfect partner for your dairy operation. All options can be combined in the Flex package. These features include:  

  • A smart skirt-lifter that minimizes wear and tear and allows left and right pushing for increased capacity.  
  • Barn door controls in the case that your animals are housed in different barns.  
  • Electric bumper protection  
  • LED lights for enhanced visibility during the night 

If you’re ready to take smart feeding to the next level and want to see an estimated return on investment for the Lely Juno on your operation, calculate your savings with our ROI calculator and click the link below!

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