Red Cow Community Announced for Large Herd Dairies

Posted by Team Lely on Jan 26, 2017
Team Lely

Lely International recognizes large herd dairy operations that have eight Lely robots or more by presenting them with a “red” Lely cow to display on their farm which signifies their entrance into the Red Cow Community. Lely North America is excited to extend the Red Cow Community to its Dairy XL herds in the United States and Canada.

"Dairy XL operations continue to grow in North America. More than 30 herds have chosen Lely automatic milking systems to increase profits by reducing labor and increasing milk quality and production,” said Preston Vincent, Dairy XL development manager, Lely North America. “With help from our Lely Centers, we will reward the commitment of our Dairy XL customers by presenting these dairies with a red Lely cow to display at their farm, signifying their membership within the Red Cow Community.” 

Dairy herds across more than 10 states and three provinces that have at least eight robots in operation will officially receive a red Lely cow and be presented with a certificate from their local Lely Center. For new Dairy XL customers, after start-up has begun with the eight or more robots, their Lely Center will hold a ceremony to present the red Lely cow—to be displayed at their farm—and the official certificate.

Large herd dairies with more than eight Lely robots are considered to be Dairy XL and a member of the Red Cow Community

“Lely is proud to be leading the Red Cow Community with large dairies throughout North America,” Vincent said. “As more Dairy XL herds are added, the symbol of the red Lely cow will represent the best way to increase efficiencies, achieve more output per cow and manage risk.”

Lely North America officially kicked off the Red Cow Community during the World Ag Expo in 2017.

“We invite more Dairy XL operations to inquire about how they can become a member in the Red Cow Community,” Vincent said. 

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