Posted by Team Lely on Feb 05, 2016
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LelyCalmOnWinnerOntario Darryl De Groot, owner and operator of De Groot Longview Acres in Thedford, Ontario, Canada was the winner of the Lely North America “Calm-on and Win” promotion. He and members of his family were presented with the prize at the London Dairy Congress by Avonbank Ag Solutions.

Darryl De Groot, owner and operator of De Groot Longview Acres in Thedford, Ontario, Canada, was selected as the winner of the Lely North America “Calm-on and Win” promotion and was presented with the prize during the London Dairy Congress this week. De Groot and his family received a Lely Calm automatic calf feeding system, 10 calf jackets and a 30-day supply of Caltive milk replacer. The promotion, awarded by Tony Brazda and Rich Peters of Lely North America, and Jerry Martens and Mike Hargrave of Avonbank Ag Solutions, is a way for Lely North America to give back to the dairy industry by improving a dairy farmer’s lifestyle while reducing their workload.

About the Lely Calm automatic calf feeding system

The Lely Calm optimizes the growth and development of calves by allowing them to drink whenever they want, rather than manual calf feeding, which restricts calves to 1-2 feedings a day. When a calf enters the station, it is recognized by its transponder and the Calm determines if the calf is allowed to drink and how much it may drink per visit. The automation process provides a labor savings of 60 percent-70 percent and generally pays for itself after three years of use. The Calm cleans itself automatically and introduces robot milking to cows at a young age, allowing them to interact with automated systems.

About Caltive milk replacer

Designed specifically for the Lely Calm feeding stations, Caltive milk replacer ensures optimal growth and development for healthy calves. Caltive powder provides optimal nutrition with a combination of quality proteins, easily digestible fats and oils, and a blend of vitamins and minerals in the same amount of solids that calves receive through their mothers.

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