Quick Tips for Robot- Barns in Winter

Posted by Team Lely on Dec 10, 2015
Team Lely

_CSO9550_Vector_barn_overhead_SmallThink in advance about any mechanical issues that could occur on your farm in wintertime and act proactively. 

Below are a few tips and considerations

  • If you use heaters within your robot area try and test them in advance.
  • If your robot area is sensitive to cold airflow think ahead about how to stop this and what kind of materials you might need. Buy these materials in advance.
  • Typical rough or worn out cup cords are more sensitive to frost. Check your cup cords and replace them when necessary. As stated above spray cords with silicone if needed.
  • Check and calibrate the correct proportion of water and chemicals for cleaning.
  • If you are using a so-called ‘heating ribbon’ for your water supply, check its function.
  • If you have insulated your water pipes, visually check the insulation.
  • Check that the water boiler is working properly and keeps reaching the desired temperature.
  • Ask yourself whether your footbath management should be adjusted to wintertime. Do you really want footbaths in freezing cold temperatures?
  • Get out a few more mouse traps and catch rodent early in the winter before they start eating wires.


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