Lely Tips -- Find, Produce and Harvest More Milk

Posted by Team Lely on Aug 10, 2015
Team Lely

Lely Tips -- Find, Produce and Harvest More MilkBarnview3_touchup

  • A cow standing-around waiting is an unproductive cow: Lely’s free cow traffic concept allows cows to eat, drink, rest and be milked throughout the day on their schedule.  
  • To keep high-producing cows’ rumen healthy offer plenty of fresh water, palatable feed all day long, plenty of fiber in the feed and accessibility for all cows to eat at the same time throughout the day.

DSC_0221When you partner with Lely we provide tips like these and more from Lely’s team of robot advisers who are experts in the areas of feed nutrition, veterinary medicine and more. Contact a Lely Center today. Follow the Lely FMS North America team on Twitter @LELYFMSNA  



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