Lameness Prevention Starts with Breeding Age Heifers

Posted by Team Lely on May 08, 2015
Team Lely

As we have mentioned this week, the Lely North America Farm Management Support (FMS) team met at the Lely North American headquarters in Pella, Iowa, along with dairy industry colleagues, to share valuable research and to find, produce and harvest the next gallon of profitable high quality milk with robots. Jim Dickrell, editor of Dairy Today, attended the meetings and posted this article from one of the sessions. Read an excerpt below or the entire article here.

Preventing lameness in dairy cows starts long before they enter the milking string. In fact, if you’re not assessing lameness and looking for digital dermatitis in your breeding age heifers, you’re risk of lameness rises exponentially.

“When digital dermatitis does not occur in heifers, the occurrence in the milking herd will be minimal with good management,” says Karl Burgi.

Burgi is a hoof-care guru of sorts, who heads up the Dairyland Hoof Care Initiative in Baraboo, Wis. and consults worldwide on proper hoof care and trimming techniques. He spoke this week at the Lely Robotic Milker Farm Management Support Conference in Pella, Iowa.  Read more here.


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