Pure Holsteins using a robotic milking system to milk its cows

Posted by Team Lely on Nov 21, 2014
Team Lely

Diane Crocker with The Telegram features Pure Holsteins Ltd of Little Rapids Newfoundland who installed Lely robots in their dairy. Read this excerpt or the entire article here.

David and Sara Simmons have been around dairy farms for much of their lives, so they know the work that goes into them.

To make the job of milking more efficient and less time consuming the couple recently introduced a robotic milking system, a first for the province, at their Pure Holsteins Ltd., operation in Little Rapids.

“Cows are all about schedule,” said David as he stood in the barn surrounded the herd on Thursday afternoon.

He said they always milk the same time every morning and evening and expect to be fed the exact same time every morning.

But with the two milking robots the cows have had to adjust their schedule.

“The only thing that we still do the same is feed them at the exact same time every day. They’ve taken milk into their own schedule,” said David.

That means the cows do what works for and is comfortable for them.

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