Family Shares Robotic Milking Experiences

Posted by Team Lely on Oct 27, 2014
Team Lely

Gloria Hafemeister wrote an article in Wisconsin State Farmer  on Lepples' Ridge View Farm. The Lepples shared their experiences on using a Lely automatic robotic milking system when they appeared for the World Dairy Expo Virtual Tour presentation.

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Lepple's Ridge View Farm, a fourth-generation dairy in Beaver Dam, transitioned to robotic milking nearly four years ago when Joel and Jean Lepple were looking to incorporate their sons, Craig and Brent, into the family business.

Joel admits he wasn't real big on technology, but "the younger generation learns about robotics very quickly."  

Lely Virtual Farm Tour - Lepples' Ridge-View Farm, Inc. of Beaver Dam, Wis. Lely Virtual Farm Tour - Lepples' Ridge-View Farm, Inc. of Beaver Dam, Wis.

His 4-year-old grandson took some toy farm equipment to school for show and tell. He described the activities on his family's farm, but the teacher didn't believe him. She talked to the family about his presentation, and his parents assured the teacher he was indeed describing the farm correctly.

Eventually, she brought the class to the farm to see for herself.

While each family member contributes to the farm's success, Craig has become the "keeper of the robots."

He told the audience at World Dairy Expo's virtual dairy tour that he had used very little computer technology before getting into robotic milking.

"I hardly every used the Internet, and now I'm on the T4C (Time for Cows) herd program all the time. It's pretty cut and dry, and I've adapted quite well."

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