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Posted by Team Lely on Aug 15, 2014
Team Lely

Alleck OlerudAlleck Olerud is spending his summer interning with Lely. Alleck is a Business Education major at Winona State University in Winona, MN and will graduate in December 2014. We’ve asked Alleck few questions about himself. Check out his Q&A below. Alleck will also tell us a bit about his experiences this summer in a separate post.

How did you find Lely?

I was introduced to Lely by a friend, Rick Rugg. Rick told me he had a great opportunity for me to work with him and different Lely Centers over the summer. I thought it would be very beneficial for me, and the internship would highlight many things I am interested in, such as finding a more productive way for working in the dairy industry.

Describe your duties and length of assignment.

I began my internship in May 2014, and it will conclude at the end of August 2014. I have been involved on sales trips with Lely Center sales men/women, as well as FMS support for Lely customers. I have also worked a great deal with the Lely Centers in the Midwest to figure out the operating cost of Lely Astronauts for the year of 2013. While I was working with the Lely Centers, I had the opportunity to be exposed to several start-ups in the U.S.  Another project I have been working on is communicating the pros and benefits of InHerd to existing robot users.

What is your key project or area of focus?

During my internship, my main focus has been gathering financial information on annual operating cost of Lely Astronaut Robots. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to shadow many Lely Center sales men/women when they are talking with potential customers, as well as working with the Lely FMS team. Throughout the summer, I was able to visit with many famers and talk with them about everyday life on the farm after the Lely Astronauts.

What have you found most surprising about your experience?

I been impressed with the support the Lely team provides for their customers. From the Lely Centers taking care of general maintenance, to Lely FMS and TSS, the farmer has numerous supporters willing to help every day.

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