Lely Vector Users Save 300 Hours of Labor Per Year

Posted by Team Lely on Aug 25, 2014
Team Lely

The Lely Vector automatic feeding system is now more flexible than ever with the capability to work with a feed kitchen or a tower silo system. No matter which system you use, this unique setup allows for precise and efficient feeding, increasing labor and fuel efficiency while doing so. Take a look at the results from a recent study conducted by Lely.

A Lely Vector Trial

Data from 17 Lely Vector farms was collected between 2011 and 2013. The following results were found when comparing farms one year before feeding with the Vector and one year after (note: farms started at different times; seasonality did not affect results):

  • Average milk production increased of almost 4 lbs/cow with the same feed
  • Reduced labor by at least 78% on all farms
  • 43% saved 300-500 hours of labor per year
  • 35% saved more than 500 hours per year
  • Farm savings of 970-1,530 gallons of diesel per year by eliminating need for tractor and TMR mixer
  • Herd behavior changed, stimulating free cow traffic
  • Feeding 24 hours per day increased rumination and in turn, improved feed efficiency

The post “Making the Switch to Automated Calf Feeding" appeared first in CowManagement magazine.

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