The Bullvine Reviews Lely’s Data

Posted by Team Lely on Apr 14, 2014
Team Lely

Recently the online community, The Bullvine, reviewed the value of crunching cow numbers in an article titled, The Future of Dairy Cattle Breeding Is In the Data.


Better Cow Management

This extensive article outlines eight numbers for better cow management decisions as well as numbers to breed better cows. At Lely, we are very interested in data, maintaining that informed producers are successful producers. Our Lely Astronaut A4 is capable of capturing more than 120 different values, per cow, per day - and the Lely T4C (time for cows) management system is there to make sense of all of that information!

Below is the conclusion of the recent article. We encourage you to check out the full article by clicking here!

The Bullvine Bottom Line

The definitive statement, when it comes to information and data on dairy farms, is that we have currently only scratched the surface. Definitely much more data from automated on-farm systems will soon be available for breeders to use to operate their dairy enterprises and to select their sires. Decisions made by dealing with the exceptions or past performance are old concepts. What is needed is more condensed and focused information and data to manage with on a real time basis. More data from automated data capture systems can and will make this a better industry. Let’s welcome in the future.

Lely is dedicated to staying at the forefront of dairy innovation and we are just as excited about what is to come!

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