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Posted by Team Lely on Mar 03, 2014
Team Lely

Lely producer, O.A. Borden & Sons, of Washington County, NY, has been catching the attention of the media recently and for good reason! The farm was established in 1837 and is now a seventh generation operation, milking 200 cows as well as managing an 18-acre apple orchard and a farm store.

In an article published in February, Robots in the barn, The Daily Gazette interviews Tom Borden and his son, Mike, (owners/operators) on the new technology found in their barn - robotic milkers and an automatic feed pusher.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

The robots can and do work entirely independently, though they are programmed to notify one of the Bordens via cellphone if something seems wrong — an individual cow not having come in for milking in too many hours, for example.

It also has the ability to automatically open and close gates and divert a cow that appears to have a problem into a pen separate from others, so it can be examined.

Most farms milk twice a day, though the largest commercial farms — those that milk more than 500 cows and have milking around-the-clock — try to milk each cow three times a day. Milking relieves pressure the cows feel as their udders fill with milk.

“The system works because the cows want to be milked and like it,” Tom Borden said.

Additionally, WYNT News Channel 13, Albany, NY, aired a story on the Borden family early last week:

"The technology is part of a new generation of farming that the Bordens hope will keep them in business for more generations," said the news report.

"We have to play on our strengths. This is a good way to be competitive in the long term here. It's great," said Mike Borden in the above video.

Lely is proud to be a part of the farm's story and to provide the technology that will keep their operation profitable, sustainable and enjoyable for many generations to come. To learn more about Lely and their innovative line of products, visit www.lely.com, or email lelydairylife@gmail.com.

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