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Posted by Team Lely on Feb 07, 2014
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Crystal Paschal is an Indianapolis freelance writer/blogger and mother of two. In her recent blog post, Indiana | Jones Robotic Dairy Farm, she was excited to learn more about robotics within the dairy industry. Her perspective, as a non-producer, sheds a positive light on the general public's interest in the progress of the agricultural industry.

Sam Jones, owner of Jones Robotic Dairy in Indiana, is the featured producer in Paschal's educational journey. The Jones family is a shining example of promoting and allowing agritourism on their farm - upholding an industry responsibility to educate the public with open arms. Lely is proud to be a part of their story.

Below is an excerpt from the blog post:

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with farmer Sammy Jones of Jones Robotic Dairy Farm in Star City, Indiana. I learned so much about the benefits of using robots in milking dairy cows, and now I’m planning a trip so my boys and I can see it in person!

Here are a few more things I learned when talking to Sammy:

The Joneses are “Cow-ologists.” They are interested in learning how the cows think. By thinking like a cow, the farmers can coax the cows to do what they want, rather than forcing them. (Maybe I should employ this with my kids….)

Robotic milking leads to higher milk production. Robots allow the Joneses to milk faster, which increases the number of milkings they can do per day. Being able to milk three times per day (rather than two) increases the farm’s milk production 12-14%.

Click here to read more on what the author learned!

Also shared in this unique blog post was a video created by Indiana Farm Bureau Incorporated, found on their YouTube channel. Watch the video and hear directly from owner, Sam Jones, on the farm's robotic journey with Lely.

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