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Posted by Team Lely on Jan 27, 2014
Team Lely

The "felfie"

A new social media trend has hit close to home. It's called a "felfie" and it is a "selfie" for farmers. In case we have lost you already, a "selfie" is a picture that you have taken of yourself and is usually shared on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Today Sara Boboltz, of the Huffington Post, captured the new "felfie" trend in a fun article: Farmer Selfies Are Way Better Than Anything In Your Facebook Feed. Just Look.

The article, published online today, reads:

It turns out farmers are way more technologically savvy than we might assume. Social media platforms like Twitter have given farm workers unprecedented ability to commune and commiserate with each other, sharing tips on anything from ewe-feeding to mental health.

We wonder what the author would think of farmers using robots to milk cows; now that's more "technologically savvy" than you might assume! We certainly agree that social media platforms have allowed farm workers an unprecedented opportunity - an opportunity to have fun while also having a say in the public perception of agriculture.

In February of 2013 we discussed the importance of social media in the farming industry right here on Lely Life (check out that post), and that message has only intensified over the last year. Social media outlets give producers the ability to interact with one another and engage with consumers by showcasing their stories, products and news with the touch of a finger. Trends in technology are not only bridging the gap in communication barriers, but also connecting generations, cultures, businesses and consumers - and we think it's great!

Calling all Lely social media

Among the many benefits of switching to robotic milking is increased flexibility and freedom of your time, offering a lifestyle change for the better. Automation is designed to ease your workload during the daily routine and to take your dairy operation to new heights of consistency, economy and efficiency, while respecting animal welfare as well as the environment. Lely prides itself on sustaining happy, comfortable cows and even happier, more comfortable producers (learn more here).

If you've captured yourself Living Life Lely, we want to see it! Tweet us (@dairyrobot), Facebook us, share your Vines, Google+ photos or even those Snapchat photos that you weren't supposed to screenshot (but you did anyway). Go ahead, take a "felfie," all of the farmers are doing it - and don't forget to #livelifelely so that we may enjoy your effort!

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