Bloomberg Businessweek Talks Robotic Milking

Posted by Team Lely on Jan 06, 2014
Team Lely

Bloomberg Businessweek recently featured Pennsylvania based Lely producer, Kurtland Farms, in New Technology Improves Business for Farms, an article covering several aspects of the agricultural industry, including robotic milking.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Farm owner Tim Kurtz opened the barn in March, after spending a lot of time weighing his options. He decided moving forward with the multimillion-dollar project would help his farm grow into a multigenerational business that works more efficiently, improves milk production and reduces the stress for the cows.

The barn's still new, but Kurtz has already noticed a 10- to 15-percent increase in milk production. He's also cut labor by half, but the workers need to have the computer skills to troubleshoot in what Kurtz calls his "robot barn." Now the Kurtz family has the chance to do things away from the farm, like after-school and church activities. The technology and that flexibility should help the farm transition into the fourth generation.

"We need to do things to make it more efficient," Kurtz said. "As any other business, to be successful, you simply have to grow. You have to find new ways to do things better and more efficiently."

In the article farm owner, Tim Kurtz, discusses his experience milking with Lely including learning opportunities, ongoing customer service and results:

Lely also provides regular webinars for farmers to ask questions. The company is also remotely connected to the system to help with software updates and to solve diagnostic problems, Kurtz said.

The four new robotic milkers work 24/7 and have met the family's expectations. Aside from the milk production, one change is on the work force side. Workers in that barn are more managers than milkers and need to troubleshoot mechanical and technical problems.

Lely encourages all producers to be informed when making the life changing transition into robotic milking. To read the full article, New Technology Improves Business for Farms, visit or click here.

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