The Benefits of a Lely Juno Feed Pusher

Posted by Team Lely on Oct 07, 2014

The Lely Juno continuously pushes fodder towards the feed fence. The cows are not given the opportunity to be selective since an equal quantity of roughage is available at the feed fence day and night.

Lely Juno 150 feed pusher Lely Juno 150 feed pusher

Here are a few of the benefits of a Lely Juno feed pusher:

  • Constant availability of feed stimulates cow traffic and increases the dry matter intake (+3.5%), especially during the night; in addition, feed residues are reduced.
  • Fodder pushed up throughout the day improves cow traffic and provides roughage around the clock.
  • When combined with a Lely automatic milking system, the Lely Juno feed pusher has proven that it increases the visiting rate to the robot (+ 10.9%), day and night. Increased visits result in higher milk production, especially for lower-ranking cows. In addition, the milking robot is used more efficiently and fewer cows appear on the attention lists.
  • Due to the regular pattern of the Lely Juno, low-ranking cows can also access fresh roughage, after the high-ranking cows have had their fill.
  • Improved feed intake means a reduction of waste fodder. The Lely Juno also saves on work, fuel, and wear and tear of equipment. The Lely Juno is equipped with an energy-efficient electric motor.

Watch a Lely Juno in action.

Do you have a Lely Juno feed pusher? Tell us what you think of it.


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