Wisconsin State Farmer features Oechsner family

Wisconsin State Farmer recently featured the Oechsner’s robotic milking story in the article, “Robotic milking system ideal for Oechsners.”

The article introduces readers to Andy and Missy Oechsner who purchased the Lely Astronaut A3 Next robotic milking system earlier this year and recently hosted an Open House on November 16, 2011, featuring the new robotic milking system.

Included below is an excerpt from the online article:

Rural Mayville dairy farmers Andy and Missy Oechsner ventured a bit into the unknown when they purchased a robotic milking system earlier this year. Now that they have used it since July, they say it was a good decision. They say they were at a point where something had to be done with their barn and milking system. When the couple took over the farm from his parents, they had 39 stanchions and milked 100 cows. That meant switching cows each milking and, using four milkers, the process took a lot of time. Their first change came when they went to using 16 stalls with eight milkers, and that helped, but the barn still needed updating and repairs. Missy says when they started farming they didn’t have a family and could spend a lot of time in the barn. Now with three small children they were looking for ways to cut down the milking time. They started looking for a system that was less stress and relief from the burden of finding reliable help. They didn’t adopt this system without first doing careful research, visiting farms that utilize it, talking with their lenders, and weighing out all their options. The system they went with is manufactured by Lely USA, which is headquartered in Pella, Iowa.

The article goes on to say:

They say an important part of adopting a new system like this is having a dealer that is reliable and knowledgeable. The Oechsners say the folks at Central Ag helped them a lot, not only with designing the building and installing the equipment, but also with helping get their cows accustomed to the robots. “They were here 24 hours a day the first few days as we got our cows used to the system,” Missy says. “It’s important to have enough help the first few days. For us, it went faster than for some because our cows are generally calm anyway. Now our cows just come in on their own without anyone chasing them in and without any gates.”

For the full article, we encourage you to visit Wisconsin State Farmer‘s website.

Photo courtesy of Wisconsin State Farmer.

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