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By now many of you may have heard that last night, the animal rights group Mercy for Animals released undercover footage taken at an Ohio dairy farm showing dairy cow and calf abuse. The footage was unveiled at a press conference this morning in Dayton, OH.

We are fully aware that this video will frustrate the majority of producers who spend their lives ensuring their cows are well cared for and comfortable. As this video gains attention in the online world in the coming days, remember there are messages we can share to help educate people about how the majority of cows are cared for on dairy farms, but please also remember, none of these messages are as powerful as your own stories about how you care for your cows. Share stories with your neighbors, your community, and those you meet about why it’s important that your cows are healthy and well cared for.

Animal Care

  • Dairy cows must be healthy and well cared-for in order to produce pure, wholesome milk.
  • Dairy cows receive regular medical care, including periodic check-ups, vaccinations and prompt treatment of illness.
  • Dairy farmers depend on healthy cows for their livelihoods. They care for their herds by providing nutritious diet, good medical care and and healthy living conditions.
  • The dairy industry has in place a number of initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to animal well-being. In 2009, we unveiled a comprehensive, science-based animal care program called the National Dairy FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management): www.nationaldairyfarm.com. The FARM program offers a nationwide, verifiable animal well-being program that demonstrates U.S. milk producers are committed to the highest quality standards. It builds on the overarching principles of animal care established by the National Dairy Animal Well-Being Initiative (www.DairyWellBeing.org) which was established in 2007.

    Messages provided by the myDairy e-blast distributed May 26, 2010

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